Face Off 3
Tournament Date: April 25th, 2020
Early registration (for free t-shirt) ends April 4th, 2020
Registration closes April 24th, at 12:00pm (noon) Central
No day-of registration will be taken

Spectator fee:
$7.00 per person
Choose your FIRST Tag Team Division!
Please fill in each section
*Teams Can Compete In Up To 2 Tag Team Divisions*
(Gi & No-Gi)
There will be no rules meeting at the tournament.  All participants, parents, and coaches
should read our rules on our
Rules page.
This registration is for BOTH team members.
Do not register separately.
Choose your SECOND Tag Team Division!
Registration Example:

First Tag Team Divisions
Men's Gi White Belt Tag Team Division

Second Tag Team Divisions
Men's No-Gi Novice Tag Team Division

Competitor #1 Name, Team Name
Casey Jones, Ninja BJJ

Competitor #2 Name, Team Name
Baxter Stockman, Ninja BJJ
TGT Tag Team Tutorial Video
* 5 minute time limit for each round
* Single elimination bracket
* 400 lbs. team weight limit (Men's Divisions)
* 350 lbs. team weight limit (Women's Divisions)
* IBJJF style point system, w/ submission tiebreaker round
* All submissions allowed
Tag Team Division Rules
The video was originally made for an Advanced Tag Team
tournament... skip to 1:33 for the general rule-set